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Site News: This game…

So, last weekend I ended up having a crashing problem (due, most likely, to too many polys on the Carico lot.) I fixed that (by splitting the Carico’s yard off onto a separate lot.) Or at least, I think I fixed it. I haven’t actually been able to test this because Monday morning my game crashed and wouldn’t let me in.

After a bit of poking it with a stick, I’ve isolated that it was most likely a corrupted sim file. (Not sure how I corrupted it, but that seems to be the problem.) However it did cause something of a cascading failure in the game. I isolated one problem, got it working then, the next time I would try to do something with the game it would stop working again.

The game is working now and I’m trying to make up the ground I lost. My lots are fine and won’t show much, if any, difference than the last time you saw them. The neighborhood deco itself might change slightly, but it won’t be anything too noticeable, I hope.

On the sims front, I did end up losing some sim sculpts. I was lazy and didn’t get everything backed up before I started having problems.

The sims that are fine:

Darin, Sara-Beth, the Osmonts, the Caricos, the Academy instructors (for those Dustin/Loki fans out there), the Finessas, the FitzChivalrys, and the Coxes.

The sims that I lost:

Marcinak & Leekbee, the brothel workers, the Butchers, the Roses (both branches), and Kevin (sorta. I have a back-up of his sculpt because it’s reused from another project, however I did do a small amount of tweaking to it in CAS so there might be a very subtle difference between him pre-this point and post this point.)

I think I can get something close to the originals on most of them, however on the ones born and breed in game, like Romeo and Elias, may look vastly different, I didn’t even note down what skintones they used and I will probably just breed their parents again to get them, so what they look like is really at the whim of the game.

It isn’t all bad or semi-bad news, though. I will be back on Tuesday with the first part of Elizabet’s birthday party and I am going to try to get enough shot to do three updates this coming week to make up for the fact that I missed three due to my game being out of commission.

Thanks for reading and understanding!

~ Andavri, right-hand Chipmunk of the Demigoddess of Albion.