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Site stuff and a wee bit of RL intruding.

So, I’m sure that Van will tell me that I don’t need to explain myself, she usually does, but I sort of have a compulsive thing about explaining myself whenever my routine is disrupted, so even if I don’t have to, I figure it’s better to anyway.

1. I am in the process of a site redesign. I know I said that I was going to do that way back when but my focus has been on the story. Then it got to be the new year and the orange has just finally snapped me. I’ve got to get this site design done. I even have an idea, but it’s not coming as easily as I had hoped. I like wordpress for updating, not so sure how much I like it for working on site design. And also my pictures all suck. Or at least I’m not happy enough with any of them to spend the next four to six months seeing it every time I log onto my site.

So if you should happen to log on and the whole thing is neon colored with copious amounts of comic sans, either I’m trying to get something to line up or I’ve finally snapped and you should call the nice young men in their clean white coats… You know, one or the other.

2. Some character design issues. I had made Josh and Reggie both LBB, and I’m regretting that. It is how I see them. But I don’t work the right way to use bodyshapes. It is an added complication that I just don’t want to fight with right now, so I’ll be reverting them to Maxis size from here forward. Also, on Reggie… One of the problems I have had with Reggie is I could always see him very clearly in my head as a story character, but I su~uck at trying to sculpt anything other than very Caucasian features in bodyshop, and I’m not a whole lot better with choosing CC that will get me other ethnicities either.

I am a perfectionist, anyone who has ever talked to me for more than five minutes can tell you that I am a perfectionist to the point of basically being OCD about it. And nothing nags me more than saying something is “good enough”. With Reggie, he has very distinctive features in my head and they are not something I am good at translating to the screen. (Honestly if you want to know what Reggie looks like outside of my Sims sculpting talent, think Michael B Jordan in ten or fifteen years with a dash of Idris Elba in his build, coloring, and smile. Maybe a smidge of Ving Rhames too, but that’s more in presence. With long dark curls.) If you’re familiar with the actors named above or you just followed the links, you can probably tell why I am so not happy with his sculpt.

I think that he will probably be tweaked as far as CC, facial sculpt, and what not several times yet, but he’s due for another tweak now as I’ll be swapping his skintone over to one that isn’t LBB linked anyway. It is so much easier with characters who I don’t have such a clear idea of what they look like. Whatever is close enough.

Also I would like to do a small amount of tweaking, mostly just in CC to Charlie and Severus as I’m not really happy with either of their current hairstyles and might try a little different face shaping type cosmetics.

3. Real Life. Why oh why does there have to be “real life”? This has been a pretty difficult weekend for me. I’ve spent way too much time in my own head and it was a pretty shitty weekend to begin with. My parents got divorced nineteen years ago yesterday and my grandfather passed a year ago Sunday.

I haven’t had anyone around to talk to really, my F-list has been very, very bare, nobody’s logged on for days, really. Plus some other stuff that I’d rather not get into. So pile depressing times onto general depression onto no one to talk to but myself and it’s no wonder I’m climbing the walls.

4. It ain’t all bad. I have a bunch of STUFF that has accumulated on my harddrive that I’m going to try to get pictures of and get uploaded. (Some that only helps people who play a Georgian/Regency game or at least a mixed one, some that would work for most period games. Even a tiny bit of stuff that’s Medieval in nature.) A ton of male dressing gowns, some female dressing gowns, the updated version of the bra I did for my underwear defaults. A couple of corsets. A ton of Georgian suits. Also a ton of Regency suits. Recolors of my SS gifts to Winter (’12) and Heimskur (’13) in my Disney palette. A bunch of AAS party gowns I recolored to black for the funeral. Also, once upon a time, I redid the men’s tunics that I did for my first SS gift (to Ann) with shading what makes sense with the necklines on the tunics. I want to get those recolored. I think about them every time I see those tunics in Van or Winter’s games. Not sure what all to recolor them in (Albion? Disney? Winter’s or Van’s colors? Color actions? Would so take suggestions) and then I need to sling them onto the meshes and import them for CM-AM.

Also, I have a whole resource folder just lounging on my back-up drive full of shading overlays, fur trim, ribbon, boots, that I’ve been meaning to get put up, but I keep thinking that I would like to do a couple of tutorials to go with them. Plus I have no concept of time beyond ‘it’s time to sleep’. And I have a tutorial half done on making shading overlays/color action ready things from other people’s textures. Plus another half a tutorial on putting wear on an outfit.

Although, truth to tell, I would kind of like my own space for some this stuff, not that the Keep isn’t awesome, it is, but I end up feeling a lot like other people’s rules matter more than my own. Like my previews should be done X way. Like my content ought to follow X person’s rules. I know that’s not true, but I feel it and as long as I feel that way, I’m prone to putting it off as long as possible.

5. In closing. I hope to get time, inspiration, whatever all I need to get a lot of this stuff done soon, but updates might be a tad sporadic as my inspiration is easily effected by my mood. (The more depressed I am, the more I stress over the flashing of the cursor.) Although I am hoping not too much because I’m starting to get ahead again on my shooting.

Thanks for reading.


Site News: This game…

So, last weekend I ended up having a crashing problem (due, most likely, to too many polys on the Carico lot.) I fixed that (by splitting the Carico’s yard off onto a separate lot.) Or at least, I think I fixed it. I haven’t actually been able to test this because Monday morning my game crashed and wouldn’t let me in.

After a bit of poking it with a stick, I’ve isolated that it was most likely a corrupted sim file. (Not sure how I corrupted it, but that seems to be the problem.) However it did cause something of a cascading failure in the game. I isolated one problem, got it working then, the next time I would try to do something with the game it would stop working again.

The game is working now and I’m trying to make up the ground I lost. My lots are fine and won’t show much, if any, difference than the last time you saw them. The neighborhood deco itself might change slightly, but it won’t be anything too noticeable, I hope.

On the sims front, I did end up losing some sim sculpts. I was lazy and didn’t get everything backed up before I started having problems.

The sims that are fine:

Darin, Sara-Beth, the Osmonts, the Caricos, the Academy instructors (for those Dustin/Loki fans out there), the Finessas, the FitzChivalrys, and the Coxes.

The sims that I lost:

Marcinak & Leekbee, the brothel workers, the Butchers, the Roses (both branches), and Kevin (sorta. I have a back-up of his sculpt because it’s reused from another project, however I did do a small amount of tweaking to it in CAS so there might be a very subtle difference between him pre-this point and post this point.)

I think I can get something close to the originals on most of them, however on the ones born and breed in game, like Romeo and Elias, may look vastly different, I didn’t even note down what skintones they used and I will probably just breed their parents again to get them, so what they look like is really at the whim of the game.

It isn’t all bad or semi-bad news, though. I will be back on Tuesday with the first part of Elizabet’s birthday party and I am going to try to get enough shot to do three updates this coming week to make up for the fact that I missed three due to my game being out of commission.

Thanks for reading and understanding!

~ Andavri, right-hand Chipmunk of the Demigoddess of Albion.