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Now I don’t hardly know her

I wish she’d come walking over. Now I’ve been waiting to show her, crimson and clover, over and over.

Hybel 8th, 1513 – Merchant District, River Sulis, Lothianshire, Albion


Tawny twisted her hands around each other, her teeth cruelly locked around her bottom lip. She didn’t know why she was so nervous. All she was doing was meeting a friend of Annette’s who taught piano lessons. That was all. Maybe it was the fact that Miguel was not particularly enthusiastic about the idea of her taking the lessons in the first place. But for Wright’s sake, she was a sim. She needed something to do other than think of new and different ways to seduce her drunken husband!

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Won’t Say I’m Sorry For The Things I Said

I said “don’t trust him”, baby, now you know. You don’t learn everything there is to know in school.

Tyves 4th, 1513 – Edge of Merchant District, River Sulis, Lothianshire, Albion


“Finn?” Kevin peered around his easel, eyes narrowed almost to slits before tipping his paintbrush ninety degrees to the side then righting it again. He made a vague noise in the back of his throat before putting his brush back to the canvas. Considering how simple the painting was, well comparatively, it was not wanting to pour out like usual. Or maybe it was just that normally when he was doing a portrait seating, he wanted to get the subject in and out of his studio as quickly as possible.

He wouldn’t care if this one took all week.

“Finn, I know you can hear me. I’m starting to lose feeling in my legs.”

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